Welcome to CONNECT

CONNECT is a secure, HIPAA compliant, feature-rich platform for exchanging, evaluating, and monitoring medical data in real time. CONNECT allows physicians, specialists, plans, administrators, members and caregivers to access and process information, instantly.

CONNECT is our virtual medical community driving innovation in healthcare.


    Your referrals, claims and health plans

    Secure messaging with your health provider and SynerMed
  • Dashboard

    Your medical information at a glance
  • Contacts

    Information to assist with coordinating your care
  • Appointments

    An advanced system for managing your doctor's appointments
  • Doctors

    A list of physicians, specialists, clinicians, and in-hospital doctors

What's Next?

Keep an eye out for an expanded appointment system and advanced patient messaging features in the next release of SynerMed CONNECT. Have a great idea you want to see implemented? Contact us to provide feedback!

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